Who Are The Strong Ones?

How noble is it to fight for the status quo, when you’re the one who is benefiting from it the most?

How courageous is it to follow the ideas, the rules, and the body you were born into?

Isn’t it braver and more admirable to walk into the wind, to stand up at the dinner table and announce who you are when you know people will turn away?

Who are the strong ones?

If it’s safety and security we seek, then we should value generosity and understanding more than tradition.

We should commit to bettering ourselves, not determining the lives of others.

Real confidence, that is, the authentic belief in oneself, is as quiet as the night sky; it leaves room for the resonance of other voices and the sparkle of new thought.

It is certainly possible to love what you have and long for something more at the same time.

And it is noble to let go of what you love so that others may have what they need and step out of the wind.