A Gift From Someone Who Loves You

It seems obvious but I’ll say it anyway:

If you want to ensure you have a good day, it’s really up to you.

I mean this in a very logistical way. A surefire practice you can start doing to give yourself a smile is to be the first one to reach out. You will rarely be disappointed.

Call a friend early in the day, email one of your favorite clients out of the blue, say hello to the woman with the dog at the crosswalk, tell someone in your home that you love them, compliment a child.

The very act itself will give you a lift, but there’s something else that happens too. You’re planting a seed in the world that will bloom for you and you alone. It may happen immediately or it may show up later in the day, a gift for you, from you, through someone else.

Be the first to reach out to create joy in your day and get the smile you deserve.