A Word Can Save You

It is difficult to make decisions when you’re holding up the world with both hands, and that’s often how we feel – with our jobs and our families – like we, alone, are holding everything together.

That’s why we let it go on for too long. Because it’s a noble effort and we fear the important things in our hands will break when they hit the ground.

I get it. I have my arms raised too. But all this weight, it’s crushing us. It’s crushing you. You’re getting smaller and soon you won’t have the same strength you do now. Soon, the things will fall.

Or worse: you’ll not quite reach that eventual breaking point and you’ll continue standing there, in the same position, letting your muscles ache in secret, while the shadows change around you.

Do you feel the ache?

Do you know what it is?

Do you want it to end?

Look at the things in your hands, the things overhead. There’s something you should put down. You already know what it is because you’ve thought about putting it down before.

Remember: it’s not all of the things that are preventing you from resting. It’s just one thing. The weight of one thing is all you need to focus on.

Make a decision. Make a decision to let go of that thing and see what it does to your body.

Decisions have incredible power. They’re like massive mechanical cranes that ferry our burdens to and from our shoulders. You are always one decision away from feeling lighter.

Say the word.

Stop, no, now, do, try, live, grow, move

Say the word

Say the word and those great jaws under your command will swoop down and clamp onto on the heaviest of things upon you.

Wait… It’s already happening. Hear that? You’re doing it.

Underneath the gasps in your throat and the growling of your stomach, you can hear the creaking joints of the machine in the distance, its treads rolling over the crinkled metal of unwanted items. It’s coming for you. It’s closer than you think.

Say the word.