Being Inspired is Hard

(1 min read)

All the books, all the podcasts, they’ll tell you the different ways you can improve, strategies to make yourself become truly alive. So much emphasis on striving, not settling for less than the moon and the rocket ship, when so many of us are just barely getting through the day.

Where’s the award for taking out the trash without losing your mind? How come it’s not enough to cart kids around all weekend while only being a little bit late? What about working your ass off to take care of the people you love? Why are there no high fives for the frozen meal at dinner time?

Inspiration is a beautiful thing but it hides from us a lot of the time, and it’s tiring to expend so much energy chasing it down and flushing it out of the alleyways, like a dove flushed out of the trash.

Full lives are heavy to hold up. And empty ones long to be filled.

I offer you this for those times you can’t be bothered to search for the doves:

You’re doing the best you can with what you have.

And when this becomes a comfortable thought you can rest in, then reward yourself by working toward something, a little thing, you can be proud of. Sometimes that’s all we have space for. And that’s enough.