Better at Rejection

I’ve gotten better at rejection.

I realized this last night when I poured my cocktail down the sink. I’d spent a while making it but it didn’t taste right and, over the course of stirring and sipping, I guess I realized I didn’t want to be hungover the next day.

There was a time I would have just drank it.

I’ve been rejecting other things too: my warm bed in the morning, opportunities to take on too much work, second helpings of bread and dessert, lone latenight movie viewing…

Rejection is empowering. It works well against habits, to challenge the misunderstanding that it is necessary to stick with something just because we started it.

Rejection beckons change and opens us up to the possibility of contentment. Our first choice may not end up being the path we want to be on, but we often stay on it anyway, if for no other reason than the justify the time we’ve already invested. But that math doesn’t work out. I know. I’ve tried.

Forget about the hours behind you and focus on the minutes in front of you. Throw your cocktail down the drain and walk boldly into tomorrow, without the hangover.