Unfair Fight

When attacked by the ill feelings of another, be it anger, grumpiness, resentment, or whatever, we often attack back, which is certainly justified, but a silly war to wage.

If it helps, think of the battle as having 3 participants, not just 2. There is you, there is the person who… Read more...

The Great Return

I’m generally a jolly guy so people will probably be surprised when they hear I think about being dead every once in a while. Not in a morbid way, if that’s possible, just as sort of an overreaction to difficult situations, sort of a quick way out of sudden pain or an… Read more...

A Contagious Glow

Ever run into someone who’s in love? When they talk about the one they love, they glow. It doesn’t matter what the subject is; you get a big smile and shining light, and it’s contagious that glow. You want to be around it.

You can use this experience in other sit…

Anxiety Has a Song

Moods are personified in babies. Babies don’t have filters. They don’t try to control their moods. We can learn something from this.

My youngest daughter freaked out after her mama hopped out of the car to go to a board meeting. She squealed as if someone had stabbed h… Read more...

What Not To Wear

Moods don’t own us.

But we act as if they do.

When sad, we tend to let Sadness dictate our entire day: “I’m having a rough DAY.”

Anger is almost always followed by Guilt and then turned inwards: “I hate MYSELF when I’m angry!”

We only allow I…