Waiting for the Win

(45 sec read)

I wonder.

How much of our mood and our self-efficacy is driven by the chemicals in our body? And how much does that powerful cocktail change during the day? And are we the ones changing it or does the weather have more power than we do, in terms of what we’re c… Read more...


What the Waves Teach Us

(45 sec read)

As I go through my day, certain things – the same things – go through my head and they usually have to do with the stuff I’m not doing.

No matter how much I accomplish, there’s always more. It’s a feeling I can’t shake and so, on m… Read more...


Inventors & Investors

There is a push and pull between inventors and investors – sometimes a dance, sometimes a fist fight. This plays out with entrepreneurs and VCs, startup founders and startup funders, artists and agents, designers and financiers…

The goal of inventors is to protect the … Read more...


Talent & Skill

(2 min read)

Talent is what you’re born with.

Skill is something you develop on your own.

And when you combine Talent with Skill, meaning when you take what you’re already good at naturally and make it better through hard work, practice, and perseverance, well then you… Read more...


Meaningful Change

(1 min read)

Becoming is incremental.

You don’t wake up one day and – BAM – you’re lost. Or – VOILA – enlightenment.

Meaningful change takes time and happens so slowly you can’t witness any one piece of it, like leaves turning from green to… Read more...


Digging in the Sand

(1 min read)

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

You have big ideas. You want to find more ways to reach more people, you want to introduce something new that will make things easier, you want to go in a different direction…

But then you have a job to do…

And you see th…


One Final To-Do

(1 min read)

To-do lists are crucial to getting things, done, particularly new things that we aren’t used to having in our brains. Those that use to-do lists know how it good it feels to make that cross-out or check that box. I’m one of them.

I made a daily to-do list …


Vacation Kyle & Retired Bill

(90 sec read)

My friend Kyle takes on a whole new persona when he goes on vacation. His wife has a nickname for it. She calls him “Vacation Kyle”. He’s carefree, takes risks, splurges, does things for the good of the group no matter what. He dances. He plays. He… Read more...


Work in Progress

(20 sec read)

People, like countries, like fine art, like inventions, are always a work in progress.

Even when we think we’ve got it all figured out, the world, in its ever-spinning practical joke, turns up something new for us, changes the weather, and we have to adapt.

It d…