One time in my youth while on mushrooms in the woods of Iowa, in the middle of a cross-country trip out West, I came to a crossroads.


I had strayed from the group, mostly because I was afraid to sit in the tall grass where the snakes were.

I stood at the fork in the road…

Greatest Hits Reel

I think we’re present in the wrong emotions. All of us are experts in obsessing over things we forgot to do, did wrong, or can’t control. We perseverate on our failings more than anything else, and I guess that’s about survival: study what went wrong so you can …

What to do with Bad Feelings

I learned long ago that the bad feelings don’t go anywhere, especially if you try to pretend they’re not there. You can’t compress them into nothing, even with years of weight.

No, the only option, really, in order to get them out, is to let them live inside of y…

Where Newness Lies

No matter how great yesterday was, we tend to plateau. Eventually, we get bored of our days (again) and long for NEWNESS: new experiences, new feelings, the rewarding climb to the next plateau.

This may sound crazy and you may hate me for saying this but I think we hide our own ma…

The Beauty of Bottom Up

Grassroots movements look very similar in the beginning:

A handful of people, tired but excited, sitting in someone’s living room or in a church rec room (thank God for churches!) on a weekday evening, big smiles and big ideas.

Not much gets done in the first meeting. It take…

The Naked Dream

We’ve all had it. You’re at school. You’re at work. You’re on a bus. And you’re naked. Completely naked, for everyone to see. This is one of the most common stress dreams out there, right alongside the “running in the endless hallway” dre…

Getting Into the Well

I’m terrible at leaving parties.

I can’t end a conversation in the middle. And the more I learn the deeper I want to go. That’s why saying goodbye really ends up being hello again; you can reel me in with a quick aside.

I don’t try to get as much as I can fr…

Bottle That Sh*t Up

I saw a great episode of Queer Eye the other day where the Fab 5 convinced these 2 charming restauranteur-sisters to bottle up their barbecue sauce and sell it. Like everyone who is touched by the Fab 5, they cried. Over a bottle of barbecue sauce.

They’d been in business fo…

Lucky Fool

To be a fool is a wonderful thing.

It means you’re naive, innocent, and trusting enough to be wooed into something out of the ordinary.

Having oatmeal fall on your head, stepping into a pair of shoes filled with shaving cream, showing up to an important meeting only to find a…

The Birth & Death of Hate

HATE cannot survive in the light.

It requires enclosed spaces . It forces us to see only the shadows of real things, but never the real things themselves.

HATE is clever. It is born where no one will look: in the echoing rooms of joyous friends holding hands and singing songs, offe…