The Email Test

(1 min read)

Here’s a little test for you.

When you’re away from work and wrapped up in something else, the next time your email notification sound goes off on your phone, stop and notice what happens to you. What emotion pops up?

Anxiety? Joy? Wonder? Dread? Resentment?…

I Can’t Live Without You

I can’t live without you.

A refrain echoed in the heart’s of anyone who has loved past their limits.

But isn’t this untrue? It’s quite the opposite really: I love you so hard, you make me want to live.

Fiery red love – and not just romantic love, a lov…

Little Scratchings

(1 min read)

We’ve had rats. It’s been an adventure. I’ll leave it at that.

Anyone who’s had rats knows that scratching sound in the walls, a tiny little noise that makes you want to open up the wall with an ax or burn the whole friggin’ house down.


Street Sweeping

9am the 2nd Wednesday of the month. And you know what that means!

Everyone up and down Mira Vista Ave has to move their cars to the other side of the street to make way for the street sweeper.

It’d be entertaining to watch a time-elapsed video of all the people, in robes, wit…

Shame on the Shamers

Shaming doesn’t get us anywhere.

That’s what we tell children, yet as adults we don’t play by the same rules.

Worse still, we shame through our fingertips – not our voices – tapping out one letter at a time in private, safely tucked away from the impac…

What to do with Bad Feelings

I learned long ago that the bad feelings don’t go anywhere, especially if you try to pretend they’re not there. You can’t compress them into nothing, even with years of weight.

No, the only option, really, in order to get them out, is to let them live inside of y…


Life becomes unbearably hard as we get older. Piercing despair is already programmed in, particularly if we’ve led a life full of love, giving, connecting, and sharing.

Sometimes the pain gets so great, it’s hard to see or feel anything else. You immediately forget wha…

Where Newness Lies

No matter how great yesterday was, we tend to plateau. Eventually, we get bored of our days (again) and long for NEWNESS: new experiences, new feelings, the rewarding climb to the next plateau.

This may sound crazy and you may hate me for saying this but I think we hide our own ma…

Better Than a Refund

Every once in a million years a client is less than enamored with the resume I create for them.

It’s okay, it happens.

For those that don’t know, my resumes are my art. I am definitely putting a piece of myself into each project. It’s crazy, too, to put so much hea…

Calling My Mom

I don’t call my mom as often as I should. It always seems to be the thing that slips off the plate.

I hope I get points on the cosmic scoreboard for thinking about calling her, because that happens nearly every day. I often say it out loud to my wife: “I gotta call my m…