The Naked Dream

We’ve all had it. You’re at school. You’re at work. You’re on a bus. And you’re naked. Completely naked, for everyone to see. This is one of the most common stress dreams out there, right alongside the “running in the endless hallway” dre… Read more...


An Important Letter

Dear _______________,

I want you to know that I’m happy about the person I’ve become.

I’m not perfect, I’m not always smiling, but I have a fire inside that never seems to go out, a fire you put there, or rather, spent years tending to, adding layers upon la… Read more...


Passive Revenue

We’re all on a quest for passive revenue – to make money while we sleep, but I’m starting to think that this is not the right aspiration for us.

We like to hate our work – it’s a widely accepted belief in greeting cards and on TV shows, for example &#… Read more...


Getting Into the Well

I’m terrible at leaving parties.

I can’t end a conversation in the middle. And the more I learn the deeper I want to go. That’s why saying goodbye really ends up being hello again; you can reel me in with a quick aside.

I don’t try to get as much as I can fr… Read more...


Class Individual

One of the honors of which I am most proud is my high school yearbook award as Class Individual.

I was weird.

I used to wear purple suits, giant hoop earrings (in both ears, not just the left one), plaid MC Hammer crotch pants, used-car-salesman jackets, mismatched shoes, African p… Read more...