The Naked Dream

We’ve all had it. You’re at school. You’re at work. You’re on a bus. And you’re naked. Completely naked, for everyone to see. This is one of the most common stress dreams out there, right alongside the “running in the endless hallway” dre… Read more...

An Important Letter

Dear _______________,

I want you to know that I’m happy about the person I’ve become.

I’m not perfect, I’m not always smiling, but I have a fire inside that never seems to go out, a fire you put there, or rather, spent years tending to, adding layers upon la… Read more...

Class Individual

One of the honors of which I am most proud is my high school yearbook award as Class Individual.

I was weird.

I used to wear purple suits, giant hoop earrings (in both ears, not just the left one), plaid MC Hammer crotch pants, used-car-salesman jackets, mismatched shoes, African p… Read more...

What Do You Get For Being Good?

What do you get from being good?

If this were an easy question to answer, I suppose there would be more good in the world.

When you work out, you get muscle.
When you eat, you get energy.
When you do art, you get what you created.

Being good, doesn’t directly correlate with anyt…

The Resume’s Soul

A common bit of resume advice you’ll hear is that you need to sell yourself, that your focus should be, first and foremost, on the employer. You’re supposed to think about their needs, what they want to see in a candidate, who you should be. And then be that.

This sa…

Bottle That Sh*t Up

I saw a great episode of Queer Eye the other day where the Fab 5 convinced these 2 charming restauranteur-sisters to bottle up their barbecue sauce and sell it. Like everyone who is touched by the Fab 5, they cried. Over a bottle of barbecue sauce.

They’d been in business fo…

Lucky Fool

To be a fool is a wonderful thing.

It means you’re naive, innocent, and trusting enough to be wooed into something out of the ordinary.

Having oatmeal fall on your head, stepping into a pair of shoes filled with shaving cream, showing up to an important meeting only to find a… Read more...

A Revealing Outfit

I hosted a “NeverWear” party one year. The idea was for people to wear the clothes they never wear. Heh heh. Get it? It was raucously successful. We had fur vests and bell bottoms, tuxedos and tiaras, name brands and no names, shirts too small and shirts too big.

Peopl…

My Daughter Is A Disco Yeti

It’s Celebrity Day at school and, when so many kids look to pop stars for inspiration, my oldest daughter decided to wrap herself up in a white faux fur poncho and call herself a yeti, technically the Disco Yeti from Disney’s Expedition Everest roller coaster attract… Read more...