I don’t give discounts but I almost always have a pro-bono project on hand.

There are plenty of people down on their luck or just struggling with where to go and how to get there.

This time.

How lucky I am to have a skill that can make that all go away.

30 minutes on the phone and BAM:



Phone ringing.



Riding high again.

This time it was a meat packing plant delivery driver. Never had a resume, no idea how to use Microsoft Word. Struggling with email, even.

Oh, and don’t worry about me and my time. I get something too.

It’s like a shot in the arm, a reminder of why I do this thing, like stripping away the fancy layers and getting down to the dark red center. It’s like Barry Bonds going back to his childhood baseball diamond to get his groove on.

It’s like…




Riding high.

Generosity. It works both ways.