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Everyone knows the old adage about the definition of Insanity – it’s doing the same thing but expecting different results.

I’m offering up a new one: Burnout – it’s doing something you’re good at but have no interest in.

Be careful. When you’re good at something, people ask you to do more of it. At first, this is a compliment, but after a while it gets heavy. We get resentful.

Realize that it will not get better until you either find a way to spike your interest – change the game or change the frame – OR draw a line in the sand and tell people you don’t want to do that thing anymore.

Just because you’re great at doing something, doesn’t mean you should do it in perpetuity, particularly if it’s sapping your energy and chipping away at your spirit. This is true for all of us, from A-list rockstar who’ve lost their twang to software implementation program managers who’ve misplaced their mojo.

Regardless of the feedback you’re getting on your mid-term reviews, being tired all the time isn’t good for anyone, including your employer.

Find a way out. Lower the volume, put up your hand and remember that you can be good at other things too.