Corporate Buddha

Wouldn’t it be funny to watch a Buddhist monk run a high-growth Fortune 500 corporation for a year? I wonder how Zen they would be after an experience like that.

I’d watch that show – “Corporate Buddha.”

My point is, it’s extremely hard to balance contentment with ambition. We’re constantly tipping the scale one way or the other. Get too content and you feel like you’re standing still. Push too hard for growth and you lose all sense of appreciation for what’s around you.

In some ways, I see enlightenment as living in both spaces simultaneously and effortlessly.

In America, we don’t seek to sit still, but we can certainly find stillness in the midst of our pursuits. In fact, I think those who find stillness are more likely to reach their goals.

This is a contradiction worth grappling with because the reward for stillness and the reward for ambition are the same coveted jewel everyone wants to find.

That’s right, if you can crack the code, you receive a double dose of Happiness, not just at the end of the rainbow but all the way across it.