I sensed the clerk at the grocery store wasn’t much up for talking, so I grabbed some bags and started bagging.

Beep beep.

Bag bag.

We got into a rhythm like two strangers picking up instruments on the corner.

No words.

Beep Beep.

Bag bag.

His coworker came by, and I was given the privilege of listening to their banter, a small honor but an intentional one nonetheless, which made it quite sweet.

I kept my head down, kept bagging.

Beep beep

Bag bag.

They were sort of flirty with each other but not really. My clerk spoke first.

“So why aren’t you telling me I’m ugly today?”

“It’s too early for that. I’m tired.”

“You’re the one person who makes me laugh.”

“I promise, I’ll tell you you’re ugly later.”

Beep beep.

Bag bag.

She didn’t talk to me. She was in and out in 5 minutes, but she left a smile behind on the clerk’s face, who finally made eye contact with me.

“Alright, my dude, you’re all set.” He seemed a little better than before.

“Right on.”

I became his dude.

Thank god for co-workers.

You can get through anything, even a tough morning, when you got people in it with you.

Life is hard. Let’s stick together.