Creative Collaboration

Lately, I’ve been writing about how to replenish yourself in times of stagnancy and distress. Here’s another trick for you:

Creative Collaboration.

Creative Collaboration manufacturers hope. If you’re feeling low, if you can’t find the BrightSide, find a friend or colleague and build something with them.

In the wake of a devastating hurricane, neighbors ALWAYS rediscover hope in the process of rebuilding their community. There is something about the combination of kindness, discovery, and innovation that lights us up on the inside.

Sometimes we find ourselves among the wreckage of our own doing. That’s okay. The answer is always in our hands. And other peoples’.

Reach out, grab hold of someone — any one — and something creative.

A small thing.

It doesn’t matter what it is. Once you get lost in it, you’ll find the hope that makes everything else possible.