Everyday Meaning

I got lucky. Or the opposite.

Whatever… I’ve created a mechanism that draws people to me who are in a dilemma and ready for something new.

And they ask me with the passion and wonder of a child shouting to the ocean,

“What should I do?”

What a gift: to be brought in at this moment.

Pretense and analysis are left at the shore. Even the clothes come off, whether the sun’s out or not. Such trust. It’s touching.

Every day — every single one of my days — is filled with meaningful conversations that I can only partially control.

And that other person, they’re all-in, up to their chin and ready to go under, or at least willing.

1, 2, 3. Blub, blub.

We can barely see each other at first,

but eyes adjust, and I’m used to the murk so I reach out my hand first.

It becomes easier to hold our breath, and we come up together, perhaps a little seaweed on our shoulders, some sting in our eyes.

But our lungs are relieved and it feels warmer than before.

We’re both glad we did something so crazy in the middle of our day.

And we’re excited to swim back in.