Good Job

(1 min read)

I’m lucky. I get to say things like “I’m glad”, “Good for you,” “You deserve it,” and “I’m so excited for you” every day as part of my job.

I do this by email, by phone, by social media… All day.

And it’s not BS. I truly am feeling all of these sentiments when I say them because good things happen to people who take the time to make changes for themselves. And I get to be part of those changes.

The beauty of a compliment is that when I say “Good for you,” I’m also saying “Good for ME!” because I benefit as well. It just feels good to cheer someone on and it’s been scientifically proven to make your healthier (if you need that sort of evidence). That’s why I love hosting karaoke parties, going to children’s recitals, sitting in the front row at lectures, and coaching people through life’s little (or big) challenges. It’s invigorating and intoxicating to offer support, like doing a shot of whiskey with a friend on their birthday.

We tend to believe that the answers are locked up inside of dusty volumes of hard-backed tomes stowed away in vaults and decipherable only by kings and great philosophers, when in fact, what we seek is available for check-out anytime.

We are already warriors. We just need a little encouragement that the fight is worth fighting and that we are worth fighting for.

Never underestimate the wisdom of a good cheerleader who rah-rah’s from the heart, with basic, loud words that can’t be misinterpreted.

It’s the basic stuff that keeps us going.