How To Avoid Sabotaging Your To-Do’s

I’ve noticed I sabotage my to-do lists. As I finish to-do items throughout the day, I mentally add more things to the top (so I can “get ahead” I presume). Silly rabbit.

As a result, the list never shrinks, indeed, it stretches out like a dark hallway in a bad dream. Eek. I’ll never get to the end.

Here’s how I deal with this. At the crucial moment of scoring a goal and checking off a to-do item… when my mind tries to counter, I deflect it away with the vigor and instinct of a goalkeeper blocking an unexpected slapshot from far down the ice.

Smack. Plink. Outta here. Tried to catch me off guard, eh?

We must relish our wins but stay aware of the counter-attack. Our mind, always seeking productivity, is sneaky and will try to slip one past us to interrupt our celebration and keep us from enjoying the view of the scoreboard.