The Leader We All Need

Seems like every election cycle is more and more pivotal. Or perhaps we just care more and more as we get older…

Whatever your cause or case or situation, you probably believe, like the rest of us, that this election is going to make or break the country. We’re all hoping for that stand-out candidate to come along and bring us all together, a leader at the level of MLK or JFK. Some of us have given up hope, others continue to hope, but we all wait…

I don’t know… maybe we’re putting too much stock in this “great leader” thing. It’s disempowering to place our hope outside of ourselves, like 300 million soldiers all laying down their weapons at the feet of a single one. In storing up our mighty vote for the big four-year play, we release our control and become as narrowly hopeful and desperate as a sweating, fidgety roulette player betting it all on ____.

We’re alone in our wagers. A win this time doesn’t guarantee immunity.

Rather than wait for a great leader to emerge, each one of us needs to bring a little greatness out of ourselves, something greater than the guns at our feet and the shields in our fists. We shall surprise our enemies, not by attack, but by lowering our guard to reveal the scars on our face until we notice one by one and state to state that the same jagged lines run across us all.