“I’ve Always Thought About Doing That”

“I’ve always thought about doing that.”

I hear this from clients a lot and my response is always the same: Go do that!

This is not necessarily about your calling. It doesn’t matter if this thing becomes your career or not. What matters is that you scratch that itch. Trust me, after having tons of conversations with people who haven’t done the scratching, I can tell you it will haunt you forever. You’ll always think about that thing, particularly when other things aren’t going so well.

No need to dive in too deep. No need to disrupt your current life. Just take a step toward that thing, and not a passive step, an active one – meaning, it’s cheating if you just watch a video or read another article on the topic; go a bit further than that. Take an online course, join a group, go to a meetup, get a part-time internship, volunteer, go to a conference…

Go deeper. Save yourself the wonder and regret at age 30, 40, 50, 60, etc.

Do the thing. Just a little bit.

Scratch scratch.

And watch what happens to you.