Love for You

Love is a lifeboat.

Love is a bunch of balloons taking you up up up.

Love is a formidable shield and the arrows that pierce it.

Love is a mother’s thoughts wrapped around you like a blanket, wherever you are.

Love is a perfect beach day when you almost can’t tell the difference between the water and the air.

Love is whatever you need when you need it, the perfect puzzle piece well within reach, the instructions to the game, the hands to hoist you to the monkey bars.

It’s our only resource that will never run out, flowing under us like an underground stream, created not by Science, but by the space between hands and hearts, and what we choose to put there.

If you feel yourself sinking below the surface, don’t despair.

Love is there for you right now, streaming in from all sides, finding your feet, crashing at your ankles, splashing up your legs and torso, and tickling your cheek.

You needn’t do anything more.

Just stand. And be loved.