Making Your Job Even Better

Oftentimes we have to see all other possibilities before we accept what we have.

It happens a lot. I will work with a client to generate alternative career ideas. We’ll talk for a few hours, we’ll do assessments to come up with lists of hundreds of job possibilities, We’ll conduct informational interviews, we’ll read books, we’ll create ideal job descriptions… all the good stuff to break down walls and let the light in.

And then, upon crossing off the last item on our list, the client will start thinking about the job they already have. It’s like seeing a loved one at the airport after a long trip. And that loved one’s hair may be a bit longer and they may have different clothes but there is plenty that is familiar and the good parts are so much more obvious.

As with partners and friends, our jobs become part of our routine and we can lose sight of what makes them so great for us. But with a courageous departure and some distance, you get your Homecoming, and it becomes so much easier to understand what you have and what you can do to make it even better.