My First Poem

I’ve been going through old papers. My mom saved everything, especially the art stuff: Half finished pictures, 3 words on an otherwise blank page, an excessively pasty attempt at a pop-up book…

I found a gem.

Apparently, when I was in second grade I wrote my first poem.

It went like this:

I am a brown squirrel.

I saw a girl.

I gave her a pearl.

She put it in her curl.

I even made a little drawing to go with it: a curly-haired girl with big puffy lips and…wait for it… a pearl in one of her curly Q’s. It didn’t make much sense. You can’t put a pearl in a curl.

But, now that I’m older and have gone around the world a few times, I think it’s pretty cool.

You can’t change who you were and what you did as a kid. So, when you rediscover an old memory, it can be a little risky. Maybe you’re not the kid you thought you were, or wish you were. It can mess everything up.

But this poem was a bullseye. I like everything about it.

Way to go, kid.