Neither Here Nor There

We all seek to be WANTED, to be sought-after for the things we have to offer.

This can become an obsession, especially for us entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, entry-level whatevers, managerial-whatevers-looking-to-be-directorial whatevers, directorial whatevers-looking-to-be-VP whatevers, attorneys wanting to be partners, athletes, coaches, speed skaters and speed daters, jaded haters, all of us, the broken-hearted…

It’s never enough. We’re always striving, aren’t we?

A growth mindset is healthy, indeed essential, to happiness, but the so-called wanted people out there with the red carpets and the golden signatures don’t seem any more satisfied than the so-called unwanted people, the rest of us.

We all have problems. We all have stress.

Neither emptiness nor fullness equates to contentment. Still, it’s so hard to sit in one place and not wish to be in another.

Here’s my advice: Look down at your feet, look up at the sky, look down at your feet, look up at the sky. Now, try not to miss anything in the middle.