Weather’s getting nicer.

I need some new lounge chairs.

The ones I got are wobbly. 10 years old.

Come to think of it

maybe I can just tighten a few screws

instead of buying a whole new thing.

Pull ’em out of the weeds.

A few more screws in different places.

A few minutes on my back, on my knees.

Yup, that did it. Only one loose arm, not bad.

Missing a nut, is all.

Time to shoot some hoops.

Loose ball off the backboard.

Bounce… bounce…

And wouldn’t you know it,



Right on that chair.

Aw c’mon.

Arm fell off. Wood on the ground. Screw sticking up.

Back in the house. Back outside. Back on the ground.

Screw in a different place this time. Different angle

Ow, my knee!

What’s that?

No way.

The missing nut.

Thought I’d lost you.

C’mere, sweet thang.

Few twists. Finger-tight.

There you are.

Back home you go.

Now where was I?

Ball out of bushes.

Air balls and swishes.

Bad luck with the good.

The story’s never quite done.