Old Friends

Oh, what great fortune to have old friends!

Old friends who make you laugh with a word, who tell you like it is, who call you on your shit, who wave to you from your memories…

Old friends have watched you drop your breadcrumbs; they know where you’ve been and how far you’ve come, the tragedies that have made you, the false starts, the unexpected wins. They know all your nicknames, your ghosts, your hairstyles.

To be known and to be loved is often enough to wake up to.

How many times do we think of old friends in our busy lives and smile, consider a call, and then get wrapped up in something else?

That’s okay, they probably do it too, with you, and how wonderful to consider that, occasionally, when the smile is big enough, you’re both doing it at the same time.

Perhaps right now.

Hello, old friends.