Politicians Feed Us

Our Nation’s Capital

I watched an hour of the election certification hearing last night and came to this conclusion:

Politicians should not be on TV.

Maybe then, they’d stick to making a case, instead of presenting non-facts with practiced flamboyance and one-liners.

But, oh, they are very clear on their goal: it is not to sway the judge, nor convince the other party that they are right. Rather, it is to infect the minds of their constituents by way of 1-minute sound bytes, diced up and served cold on the Internet.

Like marketers and drill sergeants, politicians have learned that the key to brainwashing is repetition. Persuasion is in the bass of your voice, not the truth of your message.

And, while we need information more than a great performance, we’re addicted to entertainment and we’re short on time so we bundle up the two and binge, binge, binge.

We prefer our pictures to move. We like our bedtime stories read to us.

And we eat our food alone and in little pieces.