Rule Makers

(1 min read)

Beware of the people who make the rules, for every organism has embedded in its center the drive for self-preservation.

It goes against nature to create a rule that will harm itself. Like a child picking a branch with which to be beaten, the rule maker will likely choose the instrument that will hurt them the least, even if it means others will find themselves in harm’s way.

To be skeptical of rule-makers, of erect authority no matter how big the shadow, is a sign of self-worth, of one’s own justified drive toward self-preservation.

For any heterogeneous group looking to expand its collective value, pushing back on rules should be a required activity. Frustrating for some and energizing for others, it should be a near-literal pushing and pulling, a deep commitment by all to show up every day in order to loosen the flag once staked in the ground.

And the pushers and the pullers, they shall get along fine, remaining aligned in their optimism that there could be a better place, a new place, an unthought-of place, where they can put the flag next.