Sincerely, Your Liberal Neighbor

two hands

You may not realize this:

When I fight, I’m fighting for you.

When I shout Black Lives Matter, it’s not because I think Black Lives are more important than White ones. It’s because I believe most of the problems in this country, problems that negatively impact your life and mine every day and in every way, are caused by a dark scar we’ve never mended.

When I preach Healthcare for All, it’s not because I hate America; it’s because I love Americans and I wish for us to be freed from decisions of basic well-being so we can focus on how we can offer our gifts to one another.

When I fight for Public Education, it’s not because I’m a socialist who wants to make decisions for you. It’s because I’ve come to realize that togetherness as adults begins with proximity in childhood.

When I say defund the Police, it’s not because I hate cops. It’s because I believe cops are overburdened with a pile of responsibilities that are outside of their job description, and that batons and guns are good for some situations but not others.

When I tear down monuments, break windows, and light fires, it’s not because I lack respect for your property. It’s because I believe we’re both hurting deeply from loving property more than anything else, and because the loss of property seems to get peoples’ attention more than the loss of lives.

So it’s fine that you block me, insult me, pity me, ignore me, talk over me, laugh at me, pray for me.

It’s fine that you are disgusted by me.

For now.

If I have to push against you in order to create space for the both of us, I will. If I have to be without your friendship to fight for our survival, I will.

As painful as it is, If I must stop holding your hands to hold up the love between us and around us, then that’s what I’ll do.

And, though I’m warmed by what I’m walking towards, I will miss you.