Being Inspired is Hard

(1 min read)

All the books, all the podcasts, they’ll tell you the different ways you can improve, strategies to make yourself become truly alive. So much emphasis on striving, not settling for less than the moon and the rocket ship, when so many of us are just barely getti… Read more...

What Should Be An Easy Choice

(45 sec read)

INSPIRATION is more important than time because inspiration creates time.

It’s like that age-old trick with the genie. Instead of asking the genie for a single wish, one should use the wish to request a thousand more wishes. Right?

Inspiration is that coveted wis…

Passive Revenue

We’re all on a quest for passive revenue – to make money while we sleep, but I’m starting to think that this is not the right aspiration for us.

We like to hate our work – it’s a widely accepted belief in greeting cards and on TV shows, for example &#… Read more...