The Danger of Clinging to Your Vision Too Tightly

In business, creativity, and relationships, our vision doesn’t often line up with reality.

Sometimes we fear that reality will fall short of our vision, which keeps us living in our ideals and not in reality. This is a lonely place to cling to – good in our mind but not for the things we want to bring to life.

Above all, the disconnect between vision and reality is frustrating, and so we spend a lot of time trying to shape reality to fit our vision, obsessively chiseling away at a mountain and forgetting the world behind us.

Don’t get me wrong. Vision is vital to success. You have to have a vision if you ever want to make a monument out of that mountain but to some degree, following your vision gets boring. You look at your plans, then at the mountain, then at your plans… You don’t want to admit it, but sooner or later it becomes a chore.

That’s where reality can help. Reality is exciting because it takes its own course. It goes its own way. And you, the lunatic holding the tiger by the tail with the map in your teeth, get yanked along by it as you drag your chisel across the rock.

This is a good thing. Ride the tiger, watch the expressions of the people as they see your line being etched in the mountain, note the gaze of the crowd and listen to what they’re yelling. Hold the vision but change your mind.

Entrepreneurs, artists, and creators alike, I’m here to remind you: your best works started out in a completely different place. Use that great vision to get you inspired and started, hold on loosely to your map, and allow the tiger to lead. You’ll create something beyond your own imagination and, on that final circling of the mountain, once you drop the chisel from your cramped hand and look up, you’ll not be alone in your awe.