The Feeling The Follows

(45 sec read)

I thought acupuncture was hokey… until I tried it. I was at Burning Man back when celebrities weren’t flying in on their helicopters yet. It was a friend who did it in a tent on a blanket and the effects were immediate. What he said would happen, happened. The feeling that came across me right afterward was near-ecstasy and undeniable. I was an immediate believer, despite my inner East Coast critic.

Now I evangelize acupuncture (and get it where I can). I certainly don’t feel anywhere near as good coming out of the doctor’s office!

There’s truth in this experience because the goal was never acupuncture. Same with yoga, same with meditation, same with eating less bread, cherishing gratitude, walking 3 hills a day with no headphones, and taking guidance by things I can’t see. I guess you could say I have been a reluctant believer, and I suppose that’s the best kind – the skeptic turned faithful disciple, and not by fear or desperation or safety or persuasion – by nothing internal – but by the act itself, and what follows.