The Fine Line Between Preparation & Procrastination

(90 sec read)

A clean room makes for a clean mind.

From this perspective, it’s a great idea to straighten up your office/studio/workspace to give yourself the greatest opportunity for success. Cleanliness and order denote pride and commitment. It’s good to see (and feel) pride and commitment when you walk into your space. And the very act of cleaning and preparing your space is cathartic, good for the lungs and the heart. You should do it.

Now, lurking beyond that great productive act, just minutes away is Preparation’s evil twin who we all know very well: Procrastination.

Be careful. Procrastination not only wants the room clean but wants the pencils aligned and all facing North. Procrastination asks for the closet to be cleaned, the contents of the boxes to be sorted into smaller boxes. Procrastination, wants you to call Goodwill to ask about donation pickup. Procrastination thinks the wheels of your chair need changing and a quick web search is the best way to find a replacement.

Here are some quick tips to help you enjoy Preparation without fear of a takeover from Procrastination:

  1. Work while standing. Never sit down. Sitting allows you to go deep. You don’t want to go deep. Not now.
  2. Don’t think outside the room. No need to call anyone, no need to bring something from the workspace to another room.
  3. Never “do a little research.” Ever.
  4. Stop cleaning after 30 minutes. Period. There is always tomorrow.
  5. Hide your phone. 🙂

If any “great ideas” pop into your head or if you find yourself wanting to go deep, make a note, put it on the wall and move on. You deserve a nice space. It will make a difference, but your work – both the sustenance stuff and the growth stuff – are always more important than the space you do them in.

Be proud but stay productive.

You got this.