The Problem With Doing Things The Best Way Possible

The older couple next to me does their ritual. One man unfolds the plastic wrap around a single sandwich and puts each half on separate plates. The other guy uncorks a bottle of wine and fills 2 plastic cups to exactly the same height. They sit in low-back chairs with their bare feet on the blanket in front of them, shoes neatly to the side with socks tucked in little balls.

I get the sense they’ve done this before.

That’s part of the joy and pain of getting older. With time, you learn how to do lots of little things the best way possible and so you do them that way again and again… but that can create stagnancy and keep you from growing. And It will start to wear on you, like a weight sitting on your chest that won’t go away.

You know that feeling…

To get lessen the weight and break up the burden try changing a tiny little detail in your day, even if it means being less efficient or less accurate. Step off the blanket and get your feet dirty. Go with mustard instead of mayo. Take a different way home.

Every once in a while, shoot for what’s new, instead of what’s best.