Things I Haven’t Figured Out Yet

Ending the day with a clean desk

Retaining a calm mind in a noisy environment

Going away on vacation without having that insane crunch-mode period beforehand

Mixing peanut butter without spilling oil over the rim

Calling my mom frequently enough

Being content on a day I don’t write something

I’m sure there is plenty more on this list. This is my attempt at balance.

Every morning I sit down to write things I’ve learned and discovered, the lessons of life I’ve revealed from my conversations with people, from being a conscious human.

But these aren’t the things that drive me most. They’re already in the past. It’s the remaining struggles that wake me up and walk me over to the keyboard. My best posts, my most potent thoughts, by far are the ones to which I don’t know the endings.

It’s those questions that are left, the unsolved failings that poke at my guts. That’s what keeps me going.

Fortunately, there is an endless supply. 🙂