Trapeze Act

Transitions are hard.

Like a trapeze artist suspended in the air, immediately after letting go of one bar and reaching for another, it’s a matter of time before we start to fall.

It’s scary. Take away that second bar and it becomes downright terrifying, which is often what it feels like when we’re leaving ourselves open to something new: like a freefall.

It’s easy to want to leave our body at this point, to abandon our pursuits and long for the safety and security of the platform, back there, before we leapt.

Jumping is hard, but letting go the second time is harder because we’ve already learned how it makes our stomach feel. It’s Science. Gravity is non-negotiable. We have to fall a little if we want to move on.

Some of us can make falling feel like flying, but that’s a less important skill than staying present.

Arms extended, eyes open. Remember that timing is more influential on the outcome than talent. The bars are already in motion. Falling and flying are in your future. The only way you can fail is to keep holding on.