Waiting for the Win

(45 sec read)

I wonder.

How much of our mood and our self-efficacy is driven by the chemicals in our body? And how much does that powerful cocktail change during the day? And are we the ones changing it or does the weather have more power than we do, in terms of what we’re capable of?

And what’s the difference between changing our mood with something outside going in versus something inside getting bigger?

We seem to want the latter, to draw from our own reserves whenever possible. That’s the hero thing to do. Bringing in a relief pitcher is like giving up the game and handing over the win to someone or something else. We want that win for ourselves.

From this perspective, winning doesn’t seem to be about the end result. It’s more about counting on ourselves to pull us through the storm. To win is to succeed with what we started from – a noble belief but one that can surely wear us out and keep us losing.

Sometimes our own breath can’t move the clouds away, no matter how many times we exhale.