What Should Be An Easy Choice

(45 sec read)

INSPIRATION is more important than time because inspiration creates time.

It’s like that age-old trick with the genie. Instead of asking the genie for a single wish, one should use the wish to request a thousand more wishes. Right?

Inspiration is that coveted wish that creates more wishes. All of us have at least one wish about TIME – having more of it, using less of it, going back in it, moving through it and past it and beyond it…

Choose inspiration over time and you can do all of these things.

This is a helpful notion when you come across an inspiring activity or event but feel like you don’t have time to do it.

Do it.

Because in the process of being inspired, your mind opens up, your energy skyrockets, you get smarter and faster in every way. You will be able to think in new directions, see connections that weren’t there before.

You will be able to approach whatever it was you were thinking of doing instead, with a renewed omniscience that is only available to the inspired.

I say this with the confidence of a superhero who just peeled off his street clothes, because that’s where I am right now: in the inspired place.

Perhaps, you’re here with me.

See the difference?