What the Waves Teach Us

(45 sec read)

As I go through my day, certain things – the same things – go through my head and they usually have to do with the stuff I’m not doing.

No matter how much I accomplish, there’s always more. It’s a feeling I can’t shake and so, on my best days – days where I can quiet my mind in the morning and cut myself a break – I’ve found a way to make peace with it.

Our minds are as vast and mysterious as the ocean. Most of the time we paddle on a little piece of the blue trying to stay afloat. And as we splish and splash, great waves roll underneath us. These thunderous waves are our thoughts about those things we’re not doing – the unfinished business, the grand ideas, the risky things. They cycle up and under us, making their presence known by lifting us up and then dropping us back down, a bold, rhythmic reminder they’re there.

You can find joy in this up and down movement. The thoughts themselves, like waves in their generous and endless repetition, are not dropping you in the same place. They are teaching you.

Every time you go up, you see a little bit farther across the ocean and you learn a little bit more about the wave.

And every time you come down, you’re a little less afraid, comforted by the remembrance of what you saw and the truth that you’ll go up again.