Who Are the Heroes?

A cool thing happened at work.

At the last minute, a coaching client wanted to donate her coaching call to a friend who had just discovered a job that was perfect for her. We hastily transferred the session and all of a sudden I was talking with another person.

Within 30 minutes, we had an interview strategy. (She was indeed great for the job).

The interview prep was locked but her resume was a bit underwhelming and you can’t interview if you don’t get past the resume screeners. So I spruced it up, mostly formatting, some action verbs (never underestimate the power of words!), enlarging her name (I know, ridiculous but it works), and a summary statement.

She got the interview and then she got the offer – a higher salary, more growth potential.

And it all started with a friend (my original client) who believed in her. And believed in me. And her belief was so strong, she gave up something for herself to turn that belief into reality.

We all have great power, more than we realize, a slice of divinity, a chance to shape a loved one’s future.

Us everyday people, superheroes for each other.