Entitlement elbows Kindness right out of the room.

When someone is entitled (e.g. “This is mine for the taking”), they eliminate the possibility of being assisted.

People around them get the message and put their hands down. They may cheer for the entitled person, but they’re not really rooting for them because they were never part of the story.

When someone is entitled, they may rise up, but they will necessarily be alone on that mountaintop and will have robbed everyone else, not just of the view, but of the opportunity to help.

At the heart of it, entitled people are not just selfish but destined for loneliness.

To need help, to give help, and to acknowledge the giving of help… this is the lifeblood of connection. It’s what draws people to us.

And, when it comes to nourishing our souls and injecting meaning in our moments, there’s nothing more important than that.

If you feel like something’s missing in your life, pause your quest for accumulation and ascendancy. Notice the people around you.

Be humble, be kind, be grateful, and help when you can.