I Got It On Video

Video is not enough anymore. Objectivity is gone. There is only storytelling, and the storytellers rarely work with what’s in front of them. They care more about what’s inside them.

We do whatever is necessary to keep our own beliefs intact.

Two people can watch the sam…

The Woman Who Let Me In

I’m in standstill traffic driving on a 4-lane road (2 lanes on each side) heading into Santa Cruz for the Fourth of July.

I need to make a right in about a hundred feet but I’m in the left lane. The minute I put on my blinker the driver to my right lurches forward to c… Read more...

White Allies

It’s a beautiful thing to support someone suffering oppression, to be a self-less ally who steps into their own discomfort for the greater good…

But watch yourself, white people. Condemning other white people is the easy way out. Vilification is a selfish act, not a se… Read more...

The Ache of the World

Perhaps it’s the work I do which requires the baring of souls, but I get this feeling that the whole world is aching, as if we’re all burnt and bloodied fragments from the same faraway explosion, a flash of light against the black, casting off descendants in pieces.

We…

Changing People

If you’re looking to change someone’s mind and by this, I mean their core beliefs, which are usually equivalent to their political views (dangerous turf these days!), I have a strategy for you:

Be patient.

Views honed through decades of experience don’t change wit… Read more...

Doorknob Comments

(1 min read)

Ever notice when talking to someone the most important things come out right when you’re starting to leave, often right when one of you has your hand on the doorknob.

“Oh, I almost forgot… One last thing…”

It’s as if the mind, when p…

Social Media Fights

Social media fights, they all look the same and lead to the same place.

I admit it, I get drawn in myself. I comment less these days but I often read the entire thread and imagine what I’d say. It’s hard not to play.

One common bit that happens is the request for real f… Read more...

Wrong Number

(45 sec read)

Am I the only one who loves to dial wrong numbers?

It’s a surefire way to catch someone off guard, in the midst of their normal goings-on. You’re instantly a fly on the wall.

Both parties may suspect something is up right away but there’s still that … Read more...

Rule Makers

(1 min read)

Beware of the people who make the rules, for every organism has embedded in its center the drive for self-preservation.

It goes against nature to create a rule that will harm itself. Like a child picking a branch with which to be beaten, the rule maker will likely cho… Read more...

Staying Home with Hazel

(2 min read)

These past 2 weeks have been totally different. Molly’s out traveling through the jungles of Japan with Evaline, our oldest, and I’ve been single-parenting Hazel, our youngest. I stayed home so that Molly and Evs could travel without a clock, without havi… Read more...