Corporate Buddha

Wouldn’t it be funny to watch a Buddhist monk run a high-growth Fortune 500 corporation for a year? I wonder how Zen they would be after an experience like that.

I’d watch that show – “Corporate Buddha.”

My point is, it’s extremely hard to balanc…

The Cost of Being Special

Sometimes I feel lonely, not the loneliness that comes with accrued time in solitude but the deeper singularity of realizing that, mathematically speaking, there’s no one like me out there.

This is not meant to be sad.

With the complexity and randomness of genetics, combined … Read more...

Love for You

Love is a lifeboat.

Love is a bunch of balloons taking you up up up.

Love is a formidable shield and the arrows that pierce it.

Love is a mother’s thoughts wrapped around you like a blanket, wherever you are.

Love is a perfect beach day when you almost can’t tell the diff… Read more...

The Heroic Duty of Pain

School drop-off was hard today. My little pre-schooler was having a mini panic attack on the way to the reading room. She did that jagged breathing and crying thing that kids do and she wouldn’t let go when I hugged her goodbye. I swear I could feel her anxiety passing out … Read more...

Trading Sleep For Inspiration

My phone lets out a nice little charming beep, like a tap on the shoulder. It’s telling me I need to go to sleep by 10:15 pm to get a full 7 hours of rest.

But I’m on a phone call – a great phone call. I can tell it’s great because my voice is loud and I&#… Read more...