A Break From The Sea

(1 min read)

There is a moment when clients come to realize that I’m the real thing.

It’s usually on the phone, during our initial consultation to discuss their resume, when something clicks into place for them. They see a glimmer from way offshore.

I’m not sure i…

Presents From the Past

Funny, how we get a second try at things in life.

I used to play soccer. It was a huge part of my life growing up. Great friendships, lots of championships, all before I was in high school.

Then puberty hit, for everyone else, not for me, and the game changed. It became less about …

Good Job

(1 min read)

I’m lucky. I get to say things like “I’m glad”, “Good for you,” “You deserve it,” and “I’m so excited for you” every day as part of my job.

I do this by email, by phone, by social media… All day.


The Knots of Others

(1 min read)

We all have knots we can’t untangle, knots we carry around like hobbies. The problem is, from our perspective, we can’t see the threads so well, at least not at the zoomed-in level you need to be at to untangle the thing. Still, we work at it, slowly over…

Little Scratchings

(1 min read)

We’ve had rats. It’s been an adventure. I’ll leave it at that.

Anyone who’s had rats knows that scratching sound in the walls, a tiny little noise that makes you want to open up the wall with an ax or burn the whole friggin’ house down.


Shame on the Shamers

Shaming doesn’t get us anywhere.

That’s what we tell children, yet as adults we don’t play by the same rules.

Worse still, we shame through our fingertips – not our voices – tapping out one letter at a time in private, safely tucked away from the impac…


Our brains love categories. Our minds are constantly parsing our days into bits and pieces, making decisions and drawing conclusions based on slivers of evidence.

It’s survival, the animal in us protecting our unearned gift of life, forcing us to break into tribes, to play …

Better Than a Refund

Every once in a million years a client is less than enamored with the resume I create for them.

It’s okay, it happens.

For those that don’t know, my resumes are my art. I am definitely putting a piece of myself into each project. It’s crazy, too, to put so much hea…

Calling My Mom

I don’t call my mom as often as I should. It always seems to be the thing that slips off the plate.

I hope I get points on the cosmic scoreboard for thinking about calling her, because that happens nearly every day. I often say it out loud to my wife: “I gotta call my m…

Getting Into the Well

I’m terrible at leaving parties.

I can’t end a conversation in the middle. And the more I learn the deeper I want to go. That’s why saying goodbye really ends up being hello again; you can reel me in with a quick aside.

I don’t try to get as much as I can fr…