Back-Up Hearts

I’m so absent-minded this morning, I put on my reading glasses and then started looking for them on my desk.

Hard news does that. It takes you out of life and puts you in a stupor, in a murky haze with no walls and no exit.

I’ve been lucky. Not much hardship for me but,… Read more...

Too Good To Be True

I was searching for a dining room table on Craig’s List and came across a beauty that fit all of our criteria. AND it was new. AND it was priced at 75% of the retail price, which was still a hefty chunk of change.

When I inquired, the seller came back with an enthusiastic em… Read more...

Love for You

Love is a lifeboat.

Love is a bunch of balloons taking you up up up.

Love is a formidable shield and the arrows that pierce it.

Love is a mother’s thoughts wrapped around you like a blanket, wherever you are.

Love is a perfect beach day when you almost can’t tell the diff… Read more...

The TV Show We Want to Be On

The problem is the show we want to be on and the one we want to watch are two completely different shows.

The show we want to be on is a romantic comedy, the one where missed connections and happenstance lead to weddings and babies and new jobs. We already know the ending before i… Read more...


I sang a song for my daughter while she laid in her crib. It’s a sweet song about all kinds of people asking the listener to stop making fun of them. I really got into it and was bellowing out the chorus – “Don’t laugh at meeeeeeeeee…”

She start…

The Heroic Duty of Pain

School drop-off was hard today. My little pre-schooler was having a mini panic attack on the way to the reading room. She did that jagged breathing and crying thing that kids do and she wouldn’t let go when I hugged her goodbye. I swear I could feel her anxiety passing out … Read more...

Finding Hope

I talk to a lot of people who have good reasons to give up, reasons I can’t (and don’t) challenge. Often they’re right. Things are dark, the doors have closed, and the hands have slipped into their sleeves. It’s hard to see, let alone walk.

But there is alw…

The Ache of the World

Perhaps it’s the work I do which requires the baring of souls, but I get this feeling that the whole world is aching, as if we’re all burnt and bloodied fragments from the same faraway explosion, a flash of light against the black, casting off descendants in pieces.

We…