Two Ways to be an Entrepreneur

There is a metaphor people use to illustrate the non-stop action and exhilaration of starting up and running a venture: it’s like building a race car while you’re driving it down the freeway.

A client of mine one-upped this image and likened entrepreneurship to jumping… Read more...

Trading Sleep For Inspiration

My phone lets out a nice little charming beep, like a tap on the shoulder. It’s telling me I need to go to sleep by 10:15 pm to get a full 7 hours of rest.

But I’m on a phone call – a great phone call. I can tell it’s great because my voice is loud and I&#… Read more...

Waiting for the Win

(45 sec read)

I wonder.

How much of our mood and our self-efficacy is driven by the chemicals in our body? And how much does that powerful cocktail change during the day? And are we the ones changing it or does the weather have more power than we do, in terms of what we’re c… Read more...

What the Waves Teach Us

(45 sec read)

As I go through my day, certain things – the same things – go through my head and they usually have to do with the stuff I’m not doing.

No matter how much I accomplish, there’s always more. It’s a feeling I can’t shake and so, on m… Read more...

Rule Makers

(1 min read)

Beware of the people who make the rules, for every organism has embedded in its center the drive for self-preservation.

It goes against nature to create a rule that will harm itself. Like a child picking a branch with which to be beaten, the rule maker will likely cho… Read more...

The Naive Meth User

(1 min read)

I talked to a recovered meth addict, 8 years clean, who said he went cold turkey after 3 months of non-stop use. I had to ask how he did it when so many others struggle to quit, step into the abyss with their eyes wide open.

His answer surprised me. He said: “I …


(45 sec read)

Everyone knows the old adage about the definition of Insanity – it’s doing the same thing but expecting different results.

I’m offering up a new one: Burnout – it’s doing something you’re good at but have no interest in.

Be careful.…