Surviving Unsolved Mysteries

Mysteries drive us… to peace and to madness.

Sometimes, we can never truly know the source of our pain.

Losing someone, falling out of love, getting laid off, being ignored. These things hurt us deeply. They stab at us in the most tender of places, and the pain persists becau… Read more...


A Word Can Save You

It is difficult to make decisions when you’re holding up the world with both hands, and that’s often how we feel – with our jobs and our families – like we, alone, are holding everything together.

That’s why we let it go on for too long. Because it… Read more...


Standing in the Light with You

For whatever reason, the sky has cracked open and the Gods have chosen you. A column of light is shining down on the earth, brighter and hotter than the sun and it’s all on you.

It doesn’t take long to realize this is not the kind of thing you want to be chosen for.

You…


Back-Up Hearts

I’m so absent-minded this morning, I put on my reading glasses and then started looking for them on my desk.

Hard news does that. It takes you out of life and puts you in a stupor, in a murky haze with no walls and no exit.

I’ve been lucky. Not much hardship for me but,… Read more...


The Forgotten Step to Being Free

Raise your hand if you have too much on your plate.

Okay, time to delegate. The first step is figuring out what to unload. We all usually make it to this step and then get stuck. We know what we want to get rid of but we keep holding onto it and then perseverate on why we’re… Read more...


Making Your Job Even Better

Oftentimes we have to see all other possibilities before we accept what we have.

It happens a lot. I will work with a client to generate alternative career ideas. We’ll talk for a few hours, we’ll do assessments to come up with lists of hundreds of job possibilities, W… Read more...