What the Waves Teach Us

(45 sec read)

As I go through my day, certain things – the same things – go through my head and they usually have to do with the stuff I’m not doing.

No matter how much I accomplish, there’s always more. It’s a feeling I can’t shake and so, on m… Read more...

Inventors & Investors

There is a push and pull between inventors and investors – sometimes a dance, sometimes a fist fight. This plays out with entrepreneurs and VCs, startup founders and startup funders, artists and agents, designers and financiers…

The goal of inventors is to protect the … Read more...

Talent & Skill

(2 min read)

Talent is what you’re born with.

Skill is something you develop on your own.

And when you combine Talent with Skill, meaning when you take what you’re already good at naturally and make it better through hard work, practice, and perseverance, well then you… Read more...


(45 sec read)

I’ve been writing a lot lately and, like anyone who regularly creates things, I get worried that I’m using it all up, that maybe I should pace myself, but the content seems to be endless.

There’s so much of it. It’s as if I HAVE TO keep going,… Read more...

Years of Sitting Alone

(2 min read)

My grandfather’s favorite thing to do was to sit under an apple tree at the bottom of a hill in his yard and smoke cigars. He’d have his shirt unbuttoned all the way, kind of slouched, moving the cigar to his mouth in a slow, sideways arc.

As a kid I found…

Caught Scrollin’

(1 min read)

Weakened from the day’s events, both good and bad, I find myself laying on the couch scrollin’ through social media. (At the end of a long day sometimes it seems like the only energy I have left is barely enough to fit inside my thumb.)

Amidst pictures of …

Money & Meaning

(1 min read)

Sitting in a hot tub with two kids, I asked them what they want to be. (I’m allowed to do that because it’s my job.)

One wanted to be a rockstar and restaurant owner at the same time. The other, the older of the two, wanted to make money by doing as little… Read more...

The Loop

(1 min read)

Does this happen to anyone else?

When I’m watching a movie on my phone that I shot myself, I tend to laugh in the same spots and in the same way as I did while filming the original video. The end result is an echo of myself, past and present.

I like that this hap…