The Knots of Others

(1 min read)

We all have knots we can’t untangle, knots we carry around like hobbies. The problem is, from our perspective, we can’t see the threads so well, at least not at the zoomed-in level you need to be at to untangle the thing. Still, we work at it, slowly over…

What Should Be An Easy Choice

(45 sec read)

INSPIRATION is more important than time because inspiration creates time.

It’s like that age-old trick with the genie. Instead of asking the genie for a single wish, one should use the wish to request a thousand more wishes. Right?

Inspiration is that coveted wis…

Where Newness Lies

No matter how great yesterday was, we tend to plateau. Eventually, we get bored of our days (again) and long for NEWNESS: new experiences, new feelings, the rewarding climb to the next plateau.

This may sound crazy and you may hate me for saying this but I think we hide our own ma…

Playing With Dolls

My daughter loves to play with dolls, these little miniature things, where she holds the legs and walks for them and flips around in the air while creating whispering little dialogues.

It’s the cutest thing ever.

Last night she invited me to play with her: “This one has…

Too Tired

When you’re tired and you need to stay productive, you have 2 options:

The first option is to do something that pulls your mind away from the task at hand and restores your energy level – take a walk, do some sit-ups, call a friend, read a book, eat a carrot. Your seco…

Doing Good In The World

I think we all want to make the world a better place – through our job, through our personal pursuits, but it’s easy to get wrapped up in the responsibilities of day to day living, to get tired, and to be overwhelmed. Where do I start? How can I make a difference?


The Birth & Death of Hate

HATE cannot survive in the light.

It requires enclosed spaces . It forces us to see only the shadows of real things, but never the real things themselves.

HATE is clever. It is born where no one will look: in the echoing rooms of joyous friends holding hands and singing songs, offe…

What Comes After A Good Cry

I had just finished crying over the loss of a friend.

It was 6 am and my daughter, the younger one, was up early laying in bed next to my wife, or, should I say, on top of my wife, annoying the heck out of her, trying to get her to let her watch baby videos on her phone. This is t…

The Arena

Powerful people are unfaithful commentators. The story they tell is bound together by the desire to retain their pedestal. Who would give up a VIP box seat to sit in the bleachers? No one wants to do that and so power begets power – sometimes intentional, sometimes not.

So, …

Against the World

Sometimes, I resent the world for spinning.

I look around and I see people getting dizzy, falling down, and being crushed. I see them tumbling into the valleys so they can’t see over the mountains anymore, arms reaching up as the clouds move over them and plates shift under …